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High-quality packaging for your goods is essential for the success of your business. However, several options are either too costly or don’t provide enough protection for your product. That’s why you need a company that can provide you with creative packaging solutions that will suit your needs with industry-leading customer service. Fortunately, ATLINK can help you.

Who We Are

We are a global flexible packaging company headquartered in Newport Beach, California serving commercial and military clients for more than five years. With manufacturing facilities in the United States and Japan, we can quickly supply our customers with quality packaging solutions wherever their business is.

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Our Featured Products

Atlink Roll Stock

Roll Stock
We can manufacture roll stock that is specially designed for use on your packaging machines. These are the ideal option for businesses that have unique packaging processes.

Spouted stock

Pre-Formed Spouted Pouches
These flexible, portable, and highly functional products are made from quality materials and are built to meet the strictest industry standards. Our pre-made pouches have easy flow spouts with re-closable tamper-evident caps. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.

Retort Pouches

Retort Pouches
Our company offers various types of retort pouches including clear, opaque, high-barrier, and foil-based. These pouches are perfect for various food products and are a cost-effective alternative to more traditional options such as cans and jars.

Atlink Print pouches

Custom Pouches
With the flexible film laminates, we can manufacture packaging in any shape or size. Our team can help you design and develop a unique packaging solution based on your needs.

Protecting Your Goods and Your Success

With our packaging solutions, you can preserve the quality of your products from manufacturing to consumption. Get in touch with our team today if you wish to learn more about our products. We are happy to assist you.